Online Pharmacy

Online Pharmacy

Why Order Through us?

The Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach prides itself on offering a manufacturer certified pet pharmacy and pet supply service and web portal to our customers.

Online Pet Pharmacy and Supply Portal

We stock many of the most common prescription medications and pet supplies at our clinic so we can fulfill your order at time of visit, but sometimes we run out. 

To accommodate and at your request, our staff will carefully process your orders directly through our manufacturer certified pet pharmacy portal where they will be ordered and shipped directly to you and always at a competitive price!   

If you prefer self-service our branded pet pharmacy and pet supply portal is always available 24x7x365 where you can order manufacturer certified medications, pet foods, pet hygiene products, nutritional supplements, training and behavior aids and more!

What Should I look out for If Ordering through a Third Party Website?

While there are third party websites where you may be tempted to order from for a perceived price advantage, please keep in mind that many times these sites operate outside of a direct pharmaceutical relationship and sourcing where there have been known issues of counterfeiting, expired products and poor storage.  

These issues can result in potential harm to your beloved pet. 

As your trusted veterinary clinic, we operate with a direct manufacturer relationship thus eliminating these concerns while maintaining a competitive price and convenience. 

For more information on these documented concerns please check out this article posted on the Pet Helpful Blog:

Online Pharmacy

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