Our Team

  • Dr
    Kimberly Daffner
    Clinic Owner/Veterinarian

    Born and raised in Las Vegas, Dr. Daffner escaped the desert and moved to Redondo Beach in 2010.  She purchased Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach in 2012 and has loved every minute of business ownership. 

    Dr. Daffner received a B.S. from University Nevada Las Vegas in 1987 and then her professional veterinary medical degree from Colorado State University in 1991.  She considers herself a 'family practitioner' and she celebrates the bond between humans and their furry friends.  

    Her medical passions include geriatric medicine, ultrasound, dentistry, cold laser therapy, chemotherapy, and specialty surgeries for bulldogs such as soft palate resection, entropion, stenotic nares, and corkscrew tail amputations. 

    She proudly became Fear Free Certified in 2017!  As a Fear Free Certified Professional Dr. Daffner has undergone stringent testing and annual continued education.  Fear Free certification focuses on providing the best physical and emotional care with special attention to the handling of fearful, anxious, or stressed out pets.

    In her spare time she reads, plays lots and lots of tennis, loves and adores her three pups, Cozy and Dexxie, and Hercules, and enjoys a glass of good red wine with a delicious home cooked meal.

  • Craig Leonard
    Owner/Business Manager

    Craig grew up in Southern Idaho. He earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from Boise State University. Prior to joining Family Pet Clinic, Craig worked for a Fortune 100 company in several states throughout the Pacific Northwest.  He was then promoted to manage his company’s Los Angeles market, where he earned “Manager of the Year” honors several times.  Craig has a background in marketing/sales, human resources and operational management.  One of Craig’s biggest tasks has been the complete remodel and branding of Family Pet Clinic.  On his days off, he enjoys tennis and riding his motorcycles.

  • Dr.
    Angela Randall

    Born and raised in southern California, Dr. Randall has called other places home including: New York, Michigan and Indiana. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology and Management from UC Davis in 2002. In 2009, she relocated from California to attend Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine and completed her degree in 2013.  She joined Family Pet Clinic in 2014.  Dr. Randall enjoys traveling, running, hiking, kayaking, knitting, cooking and anything that involves her husband and son! She is excited to be part of the Family and provide professional, compassionate care for members of your family.

  • Dr.
    Joyce Wong

    As a child, Dr. Joyce Wong always wanted to learn everything she could about whatever animal she was interested in at the time. As she got older, her love of science started to bloom. She chose the veterinary profession because it allows her to exercise her passion for the sciences while working directly with the animals that she loves!

    Dr. Wong was raised in the Los Angeles suburbs and attended UC Davis to study animal science. She worked as a veterinary technician for two years after graduation, then returned to UC Davis for veterinary school. Dr. Wong has special interests in opthalmology and small furry exotic mammal medicine (rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, chinchillas, and ferrets). She is also passionate about animal behavior and loves strengthening the bond between pets and people by improving mannerisms and mood.

    When she isn't caring for pets here at Family Pet Clinic, Dr. Wong can be found playing Ultimate Frisbee, traveling, spending time outdoors, or hanging out with her terrier mix Noodle.

  • Dr.
    Engie Hanna

    Born in Denver, Colorado then later raised in Torrance, CA. She earned her B.S in Marine Biology at UCLA and her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences in California. Shortly after graduating, she moved to Tucson, Arizona and began her veterinary career at a local emergency hospital, then transitioned to a small animal practice setting. After being away from the south bay for 4 years, moved back home and joined Family Pet Clinic in 2015.  Dr. Hanna has a passion for increasing mobility in senior pets and certified in acupuncture. When she is not caring for your pets, she enjoys having outdoor adventures with her husband, baby and dog, learning new recipes from cuisines across the world, traveling, and enjoying the California sun. 

  • Dr.
    Jessica Friedman

    A South Bay native, Dr. Friedman grew up in Palos Verdes. She received a B.S. from the University of California, Irvine in 2012 followed by her professional veterinary medical degree from Midwestern University, Glendale, Arizona in 2018. 

    Dr. Friedman couldn’t stay away from southern California for too long before ending up in San Diego, completing a rigorous internship in internal medicine, emergency and surgery at VCA Animal Specialty Group. After her internship, she couldn’t resist moving back to the South Bay for good. 

    Dr. Friedman is no stranger to Family Pet Clinic! She was a veterinary assistant here for several summers while studying for her veterinary degree. She is so excited to be back and join an exceptional group of doctors and staff. Dr. Friedman is proud to be Fear Free Certified! 

    She aims to make each visit to the clinic as positive as possible with minimal restraint, agents to decrease anxiety, and lots of treats! 

    Emergency medicine, endocrine disease, and preventative medicine are some of Dr. Friedman’s special interests. In her spare time she loves to travel, bake, weight lift, read, and hike with her sweet pup Eevee.

  • Erika L
    Clinic Operations Manager - RVT

    Erika graduated in 2013 with a degree in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. She received her RVT license right after graduation, and has practiced medicine in New York, Colorado, and California. She is a strong advocate for the 'pit bull' type breeds, and works hard to change societies perception of these inherently good dogs. When she's not in the office, Erika enjoys hiking, skiing, camping, and exploring the wilderness with her husband Wade and her Staffordshire Bull terriers, Shorty and Caddy.

  • Ali G
    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Born and raised in Southern California, Ali began her journey into the animal care field in 2009 starting as a certified veterinary assistant. With a strong desire to pursue further education in the field, she attended night school.  Ali then passed the state and national board exams to earn her the title of Registered Veterinary Technician. One of Ali’s passions is veterinary dentistry.  She also plays a key role in inventory management for the clinic.  In her spare time, she enjoys training for marathons, being outdoors, and all things squirrel.

  • Mark F
    Veterinary Assistant

    I am a graduate of South High School in Torrance.  I became interested in animals while growing up with my own pets.  I especially like dogs.  I have 3 of my own, all Bichon Frise.

  • Lacy C
    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Lacy was born and raised in Redondo Beach and has always had a special love for animals. In 2007, she started at Family Pet Clinic as a volunteer. A year and a half later she became an official part of the team! In 2013, she began attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. After graduating she quickly began to pursue her future of becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician. She proudly earned this title in April 2018. In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym, zoos and aquariums and hanging out with her rat, Wilson.

  • Kim T
    Client Care Coordinator

    My name is Kim. I started working for family pet clinic in October of 2014 . I've been in the veterinary field for over 18 years and this job is by far the best. I'm recently married and combined we have 2 dogs 3 cats 4 adult children and 5 grandchildren . I've been a resident of Redondo beach all my life and love it.

  • Ron A
    Veterinary Assistant

    Ron was born and raised in Southern California.  He has always enjoyed walking and feeding pets so, it was a natural for him to work in the veterinary field.  On his days off, Ron enjoys DJ'ing and watching the Lakers! Go Lebron!

  • Amy L
    Registered Veterinary Technician

    I have been in the veterinary field since 2005. I have been a CVT/RVT since 2010 and love working with animals, especially cats. I have 2 of my own cats (yuki and kyo).

  • Vanessa N
    Client Care Coordinator

    I was born and raised in the South Bay. I like spending time with friends and family and love working out at the beach with my four legged son Charlie. 

  • Joel C

    Joel has been kindly and gently grooming dogs and cats for most of his life. He has a special soft spot for little white dogs, and will often sit with one on his lap while he eats lunch. 

    He is well known as the South Bay’s “cat whisperer”, which means that he can often groom some of the most frightened cats. 

    Joel is also a skilled veterinary assistant, and is often found in the hospital helping the doctors with medical patients. 

    Joel has been working with Dr. Daffner since 2010 and is a very important part of the amazing FPC team.

  • Brystol S
    Veterinary Assistant

    Brystol was born and raised in the South Bay. She was drawn to grooming and veterinary medicine because of her love for animals and concern for their well-being. Outside of work, Brystol enjoys playing softball, reading, and hiking. She has 3 dogs and 1 cat at home. Brystol enjoys making a difference in animals lives every day. 

  • John B
    Veterinary Assistant

    John was born in Torrance but moved to Redondo Beach when he was 9 years old. His family encouraged him and influenced his decision to work at a veterinary clinic and pursue his dreams as a veterinarian. John has a large number of family members already in the field of veterinary medicine.  John enjoys being able to help not only animals but clients who come in with concerns. Outside of work, he enjoys hanging with friends and going to the beach.

  • Matt B
    Veterinary Assistant

    Matt was born in Torrance but moved to Redondo Beach in 7th grade. He has always wanted a career in medicine, specifically cardiovascular surgery because that is what his mother does, but she guided Matt to veterinary medicine. Outside of work,  Matt enjoys going to the beach and swimming, riding his skate board on the Strand, playing lacrosse, and hanging out with friends and family. Matt is the proud parent of a few beta fish. 

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