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We are proud to offer in-house ultrasound services for dogs and cats not only as a diagnostic tool, but also for “wellness” scans incorporated as a part of preventative care.  

It is non-invasive and can aid in the diagnosis of mysterious ailments. 

Ultrasound can be used to guide a needle for biopsy where a tumor or growth is seen or when an organ is enlarged/abnormal in appearance.  

Most dogs and cats remain relaxed throughout the procedure.  The belly hair will need to be shaved.  

Mild sedation may sometimes be required, especially if a biopsy is indicated. 

Dr. Daffner has attended two full courses at UC Davis and also spent time with a board certified radiologist in order to “hone” her ultrasound skills.

Dog and Cat Ultrasound Treatment - Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach

Ultrasound.... I am so grateful for it!  I spent a number of years receiving specialized training in abdominal ultrasound, and ultrasound serves me and my patients very well! 

Here we have a photo of our receptionist Kim's dog Lola: Lola has had an elevated liver value and we have been keeping an eye on her gall bladder issues. 

Most dogs and cats are very relaxed for their ultrasounds, and cats in particular like to watch the screen as the motion seems to fascinate them. On occasion we have a nervous pet that needs mild sedation, but that is the exception rather than the rule. I usually only need 15 minutes to perform a complete ultrasound. 

In the past week I diagnosed 2 cases of bladder stones, 2 cases of Cushing's Disease (hyperadrenocorticism), 1 spleen tumor, 1 case of gastrointestinal lymphoma, and 3 cases of inflammatory bowel disease. I am able to use the ultrasound to assist needle biopsies of abnormal structures. 

We charge $230 for a complete abdominal ultrasound. Ultrasound can be used to diagnose disease, but it can also be used as a part of "wellness" protocols, especially for senior pets. We offer a discounted ultrasound with our Senior Dental Packages. 

We perform the ultrasounds in our "Quiet Room", and the patient lays on a padded bed for comfort. Sometimes we pair x-rays with ultrasound to complete our imaging needs.

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