Why Has My Veterinarian Been So Busy?

Greetings to all Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach (FPCRB) clients and possible future clients:

I am begging all of you for some increased compassion, empathy, and understanding. 

FPCRB has been functioning at maximum and over-maximum capacity for 2 years now. 


Let me explain something:  We are suffering from a nationwide shortage of veterinarians and para-medical staff members. Many have retired, or passed away, or switched to a less stressful profession. ALSO-- 3 million pets were adopted out of shelters during COVID and so our demand for veterinary services has increased. I don't even want to mention what every back yard breeder has produced.... "COVID puppies" are a very real phenomenon and we are not staffed for this increased demand. 

The math does NOT add up. We are "dancing as fast as we can". I promise. If we cannot book an appointment in the requested time frame it is not because we don't care. It is not because we're "just in it for the money". (I don't even know what that means.) It is because we are already functioning at maximum and often over-maximum capacity. 

Here is a recent quote that I came across on a veterinary forum:
"It's like we are running a marathon (26.2 miles) and we are on mile 28 and they keep moving the finish line" Christine Cesena CVPM

Every day is like this for us in veterinary medicine right now. Compassion fatigue and exhaustion are taking their tolls but we are fighting tooth and nail to be here for all of you. 

Please be nice to my team members. You can yell and cuss at me as the business owner but do not "shoot the messenger" with any of my amazing employees. 

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