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Public Service Announcement!

All pet owners out there--- Please know that all veterinary hospitals are booking out many days if not weeks for appointments. 

Emergency clinics are functioning at a "triage level" to determine which pets are in dire enough need for an exam. I have had clients recently spend 12-15 hours waiting on-site for an emergency visit. These are unprecedented times and I have heard this is a nation wide phenomenon. 

Here at Family Pet Clinic we are doing our best to get our patients seen, and to also fit in new clients and new puppy/kitten exams, but we are not able to accommodate all client requests. I have-- personally-- had to finally admit that I can no longer respond to all client emails. We have a daily emergency work in list that ranges from 5-15 patients each day. 

I have no idea how long this trend will last but this is what we are facing at this time. Please be patient with us. We are doing our absolute best every single day. 

Wishing you all as much health and wellness as is possible and/or feasible... 

Dr. Kimberly Daffner
(310) 376-0072


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