Has everyone become uncomfortably aware of the fireworks lately? I could hear them inside my house for hours last night. I really wish that pets did not suffer so much from the noise that accompanies fireworks, but, alas, my patients suffer terribly from noise aversion. 

Please know that we have solutions but you have to plan early! We have a few very helpful solutions, ranging from nutritional supplements to very safe oral medication. Here is a brief bullet list:

Sileo for dogs: Sileo is an oral gel that comes in a tube and is applied to the gums every 2-3 hours. This is an awesome choice for small to medium breed dogs. It is very safe and non-sedating. 

Trazodone for dogs: Trazodone is a true "anxiolytic" (anti-anxiety drug). It is a tablet given every 8-12 hours. It has a wide dose range. Higher doses may be mildly sedating. 

Gabapentin for dogs and cats: Gabapentin can be paired with trazodone for dogs. It has excellent and safe calming effects. It is also a nice pain medication. Higher doses may cause mild sedation. 

Alprazolam for dogs: Alprazolam ("Xanax") is super safe and a mild anxiolytic. It can be used with almost any medical condition. It is not often considered the most effective, however, but some dogs do very well on it. 
Composure Pro for dogs and cats: This is a flavored chew that has calming herbs in it. It is mildly effective, very safe, and can be a helpful adjunct. 

Adaptil for dogs and Feliway for cats: These are pheromones that can be very calming. We have Adaptil collars and room diffusers for dogs, and Feliway room diffusers and wipes for cats. 

Please let us know if we can help! Dispensing prescription drugs will require a current annual exam. 
Sincerely, and stay safe out there!

Dr. Kimberly Daffner
(310) 376-0072

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