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  • "Love in the Time of Cholera"... or..... "Ultrasound in the Time of COVID-19"
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"Love in the Time of Cholera"... or..... "Ultrasound in the Time of COVID-19"

Family Pet Clinic team members must function in close proximity to each other, making the 6' social distance recommendation impossible to comply with.... So we now wears masks and bandanas all day while at work. 

Masks are hot. Masks make sure you smell your own breath ALL DAY LONG. The garlic and onions that I ate for breakfast with my fried potatoes were still with me while I performed this ultrasound. Ugh. But it's worth it. 

I am blessed to still have a functioning full service veterinary hospital. I am blessed to still have hard working, loyal, loving, skilled employees to join me on the "front lines" of companion animal health care. I applaud all health care workers in all medical fields. 

We put ourselves at risk every day just by leaving our homes. We are stressed, sometimes angry, often scared.... and sometimes we need to be reminded to be empathetic to the emotions of everyone around us. I remind myself multiple times each day to be kind. Supportive. Attentive. Loving. And grateful for everything that I still have. 

Be safe out there.


Dr. Kimberly Daffner
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